Friday, November 14, 2008


Hui Ning mastered the art of rolling over 2 nights ago and can't stop doing it. She rolls whenever she "senses" that she's on a large, wide, flat surface. She even sleep-rolls. Funnily enough, she never rolls if she's in her crib, as if she senses that there's no point trying. However, she does try to roll in the bouncer, much to the horror of all present! And on occasions when she's really too tired to roll over successfully, she gets really frustrated and babbles angrily. That's the double hair-spiral in action, I suppose.

Nursing tops from

A while ago Dr C told me about, where you can get some really trendy nursing tops. They're quite reasonably priced too, especially when they're on "crazy offer".

The website wasn't very up-to-date with information on availability and one of the models I wanted was all sold out, and another wasn't available in the colour I wanted. They were very fast in informing me via SMS  the very same evening, so I was able to specify my alternative preferences immediately.  They confirmed everything just as fast this time, and I received my orders 2 days later.